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String Arrangment

Real strings are authentic.

A trained musician can create a sound that is alive and inherently organic. The abrupt attack of sound on silence; varied pressure applied to a single long note; the warm resonance of a century-old instrument; the effect of muscles, breathing and real emotion on the sound; a sounds fading to silence: these are the factors that make a sound that is dynamic and irreplaceable. 

Ike is an experienced stringed instrument player and music arranger who can create arrangements to enhance your works. Contact him for an audio sample of your song with string accompaniment added to your recording.

The samples below are songs sung by Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory), Molly Jenson, Alex Woodard and Kate Klim with all strings arranged and performed by Ike. Please have a listen.

If you are interested in adding strings to your works, please contact

(-Wild Fox Zen/LT Marketing, 2014)

Never Alone  Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, from the For the Sender Project.

My Love Will Find You

Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory from the For the Sender Project

Love Began as a  Whisper Molly Jenson from the For the Sender Project

The Table

Alex Woodard from the Alex Woodard album

Can't Wait 

Kate Klim from the Kamikaze Love album

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