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Production and Arrangement

Years of studio experience with knowledgeable producers and engineers have given Ike the ears to make your songs come to life. He has been mentored by some of the best in the business today and continues to work with them.

Ike has a network of professional musicians and engineers to utilize for any and every aspect of a record's production from start to finish.

Give a listen to the songs below. It is a current production in the works. The drums are things we found around the studio (banjo head for a snare, 68qt Rubbermaid container for a bass drum), and the arrangements have really captured the personality of the artist. If you are considering making a record of your own songs, please contact Ike for a consultation at

(-Wild Fox Zen/LT Marketing, 2012)

Indie Girl

JT Chevallier​


JT Chevallier​

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