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Studio Musician

Ike has more than 20 years of professional experience in recording studio tracks for music sessions as well as movie soundtracks, network television shows, and  video games.

Ike has built his career in American acoustic rock music, playing variations on Acoustic, Alternative, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Classical, Folk, Pop and Rock, and can provide performances on viola, violin, mandolin, banjo, electric or acoustic guitar, electric or acoustic bass guitar, keys, piano, organ and vocals.

The samples below are sung by Sara and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Alex Woodard, Jack Tempchin, Angela Easterling and The Scones. Ike is playing mandolin, viola, guitar and banjo in the songs.

If you are interested in the services of a professional studio musician, please contact

(-Wild Fox Zen/LT Marketing, 2012)

Broken Wide Open

Sean & Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek from the For the Sender Project.

Mountain Town 

Alex Woodard from the Alex Woodard album.


Jack Tempchin w/ Alex Woodard from the For the Sender Project.

Bien Aime'

Angela Easterling from the Mon Secret album.

Trampling my Rhododendrons

The Scones from the Do You Hear? album.

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